Liquid Bodywork® | Aqua Wellness

Discover our signature treatment! You are carried on the hands of your bodyworker while you float in warm water and move in a completely new way. Stress and tensions are relieved. This special time is dedicated solely to you and your dance in the water – a precious experience. Our trained Aqua Wellness bodyworker guide you through your treatment – skillfully and sensitively.

Group sessions

Aqua Wellness – You will become a body worker yourself and experience a guided tutorial of simple Aqua Wellness techniques to train together with your colleagues and friends.

An opportunity to encounter each other in a different way – ideal for couples, colleagues, friends…

Experience relaxation through Aqua Wellness by receiving a guided tutorial and practicing simple Aqua Wellness techniques with the participants of your group. Exclusively and outside official opening hours.

Short introduction and 2 alternating rounds – approx. 40 min each.

Bookable for a minimum of six persons.

up to 10 persons | 100 min

Sun - Fri 40 € | Sat 44 € per person

up to 20 persons | 100 min

Sun - Fri 35 € | Sat 39 € per person


„Bathing is the new clubbing!“- according to fans and friends of the cultural program in our thermal bath. Unique, versatile and sophisticated. Interested in current examples?


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