Tuscany thermal baths in Bad Sulza

Operating company: Tuscany Therme Bad Sulza GmbH

A. House and bathing rules

 1. General

1.1 The house and bathing regulations apply to the entire area of the Tuscanyworld GmbH baths, including the sauna and steam bath areas, for which the sauna regulations also apply (cf. letter B. of these house and bathing regulations).

1.2 The house and bathing rules are binding for all pool guests. 1.3 The house and bathing rules apply to general pool operations. Exceptions to these house and bathing rules may be permitted for special events.

2. Bathers
2.1 The use of the baths is generally possible during the general opening times within the framework of the house and bathing regulations.

2.2 Access is not permitted for:

  • People who are under the influence of intoxicating substances
  • Persons who bring animals with them
  • Persons suffering from a notifiable communicable disease within the meaning of the Federal Diseases Act (in case of doubt, a doctor’s certificate may be required), open wounds or transmissible skin rashes or skin changes that can detach and get into the water
  • Persons who want to use the bathroom for commercial or other non-bathing purposes, unless this is done with the express consent of Tuscanyworld GmbH. 

In addition, reference is made to section 5.16 of the house and bathing regulations.

2.3 The following persons are only permitted to use the pools together with a suitable, adult accompanying person who supervises them at all times, i.e. who is also willing and able to exercise supervision:

  • Individuals who are unable to move around and/or dress and undress safely without outside assistance
  • people who cannot swim
  • Children up to the age of 14
  • people with intellectual disabilities
  • blind people
  • People who suffer from fainting and/or seizures

3. Fees

3.1 The current prices are announced in the respective pools via the current price lists and brochures displayed there, which are part of these house and pool rules, as well as on the website

3.2 The bathing guest must be in possession of a valid access authorization for the services used by him. This access authorization must be kept separate and particularly careful from the data carrier (coin) handed out to the bather or – in the case of Section 2.3 of these house and bathing regulations – by the accompanying person during their stay in the pool. It is recommended to lock the access authorization in the safe or in the cloakroom cupboard; reference is made to section 7.4 of these house and bathing regulations.

3.3 Individual tickets for the period purchased are only valid once on the day of purchase and only in the pool for which they were purchased. The same applies to each cancellation of a multiple ticket (5 or 10 tickets).

3.4 The change must be checked by the bather immediately upon receipt. A complaint is only possible if the customer proves that he received too little change.

3.5 Access authorizations that have been canceled will not be withdrawn. No compensation will be paid for access authorizations lost by bathers.

3.6 Vouchers issued by Tuscanyworld GmbH will not be paid out in cash, nor will any remaining amounts after a partial redemption of the voucher value.

3.7 The data carrier (coin) issued to the bathing guest serves as a time recording medium and as access authorization within the booked areas (bathroom, sauna, etc.) as well as an internal payment method with a credit limit of € 35.00 for the catering trade. Each issued coin is assigned a separate, unique control number, which is noted on the access authorization of the pool guest to whom the coin was issued and under which every use of the coin in the pool as a means of payment is registered in the internal billing system. The coin handed over to the guest remains the property of Tuscanyworld GmbH.

3.8 In order to prevent the pool guest or – in the case of Section 2.3 of these house and bathing rules – their accompanying person from losing the access authorization, locker keys and/or data carriers (coins) and their misuse or confusion, these must always be stored with particular care. Under no circumstances may the keys and coins handed out be left unattended or handed over to unauthorized third parties.

3.9 Any loss of access authorization, locker key and/or data carrier (coins) must be reported immediately to the supervisory staff. In the event of the loss of a coin, the staff must also be given the associated access authorization without being asked to read the control number registered on it, so that the coin can be blocked to prevent unauthorized use and at the same time the pool’s internal accounting system can be used to read whether and to what extent the coin has been lost was used as a means of payment.

3.10 If the data carrier (coins) is lost with or without a (key) bracelet, the bather or – in the case of Section 2.3 of these house and bathing rules – his accompanying person is obliged to pay the relevant amount listed below, which corresponds to the does not exceed the usual course of events for the procurement of a replacement item, unless the bather or – in the case of Section 2.3 of these house and bathing regulations – their accompanying person is not responsible for the loss:

  • Coin, loose: € 3.93
  • Coin with bracelet: € 14.64
  • Coin with key bracelet: € 81.89
  • Key bracelet without coin: € 77.96

The bathing guest or – in the case of Section 2.3 of these house and bathing regulations – their accompanying person is permitted to prove that no damage has occurred at all or that the damage was significantly lower in each case. Tuscanyworld GmbH reserves the right to claim higher damages.

In the event of a loss of a data carrier (coins) for which he/she is responsible, the bather or – in the case of Section 2.3 of these house and bathing rules – his/her accompanying person is also obliged to and bathing regulations) by using the coin as a means of payment, unless the bather or – in the case of Section 2.3 of these house and bathing regulations – their companion can prove that he/she did not use the coin in this period of time as a means of payment and/or the use of the coin as a means of payment registered in the internal billing system is incorrect.

4. Opening and bathing times
4.1 The current opening times are announced on notices in the baths and brochures, which are part of these house and bathing rules, as well as on the website

4.2 The bathing time to be paid, including undressing and dressing, is at least 2 hours. Bathing time begins when entering through the entrance turnstile and ends when exiting through the exit turnstile. The end of the use of the pool facilities is to be chosen in such a way that the pool can be left at the end of the opening hours. If the bathing time is exceeded, there is an additional payment obligation; the respective amount is listed in the current price list (cf. section 3.1 of these house and bathing regulations).

5. Behavior in the pools
5.1 The bathers must refrain from anything that is contrary to good morals and the maintenance of security, peace and order. The principle of mutual consideration applies.

5.2 The facilities of the pool are to be treated with care.

5.3 Bringing food and alcoholic beverages is not permitted. Food and drinks purchased in the pool may only be consumed in the designated areas.

5.4 Smoking is only permitted outside the pool in the designated areas. This also applies to electronic cigarettes. Cigarette remains may only be thrown into the containers provided for this purpose.

5.5 The guest is not permitted to use musical instruments, sound reproduction devices, radio or television receivers in the bathroom.

5.6 Containers made of glass (bottles and other containers), metal (cans) or porcelain may not be brought into the pool.

5.7 Lost property must be handed over to the supervisory staff immediately. Lost property will be treated in accordance with the statutory provisions and in particular – if available – in accordance with the currently valid version of the locally relevant lost property ordinance or statute.

5.8 Cloakroom cupboards and safe deposit boxes that are still locked after closing time will be opened by the pool staff. The contents will then be treated as lost property (cf. section 5.7 of these house and bathing regulations).

5.9 Barefoot areas may not be entered with street shoes. Aids brought along, such as wheelchairs or walkers, as well as trolley cases, must be cleaned by the user or their companion before entering the barefoot area. When leaving the changing room, non-slip bathing shoes must be worn throughout the bathroom. These must only be taken off immediately before entering the pool and placed in a secure position in such a way that they do not pose a risk to other bathers or the supervisory staff and must be put on again immediately after leaving the pool.

5.10 Before using the pools, body cleaning must be carried out in the shower rooms. It is recommended that bathing suits are removed in the showers. Any other personal hygiene (e.g. shaving, cutting nails, etc.) is not permitted for reasons of hygiene. The use of personal cleansing products outside of the designated shower rooms is not permitted.

5.11 Staying in the wet area of the baths is only permitted in normal swimwear (with the exception of the shower facilities).

5.12 Jumping in from the side, pushing or throwing other people into the pools is prohibited. Where possible, existing handrails and railings are to be used.

5.13 The use of sports and play equipment (e.g. flippers, diving machines, diving goggles, snorkels) is not permitted. The use of eye protection goggles (swimming goggles) is at your own risk. The use of swimming aids in the thermal pool is only permitted with the consent of the supervisory staff and is at your own risk.

5.14 Children’s slides may only be used in accordance with the signs and only after the instructions, assistance and supervision of the accompanying person (see Section 2.3 of these house and bathing rules). The safety distance must be maintained. The slip-in area must be left immediately. Sliding is at your own risk.

5.15 Photographing and filming strangers and groups without their consent is not permitted. For commercial purposes and for the press (print, digital, radio and television media), photography and filming requires the written consent of Tuscanyworld GmbH.

5.16 Water therapies may only be carried out by persons who have been authorized in writing by Tuscanyworld GmbH to do so.

5.17 Absolute silence is to be maintained in the Liquid Sound© Temple. Adequate noise levels must be maintained in the other areas of the pool.

5.18 The reservation of chairs and loungers is not permitted. The staff and each guest is entitled to remove the placeholders from the loungers.

6. Supervision and domiciliary rights
6.1 The supervisory staff ensure that the house and bathing rules are observed in the pools and exercise domiciliary rights. The bathing guest must immediately follow the instructions of the supervisory staff required to comply with the house and bathing rules and to exercise the domiciliary rights.

6.2 Bathers who have reached the age of 14 and endanger safety and order, annoy other bathers and/or otherwise violate the house and bathing rules can, after an unsuccessful warning, unless this is superfluous due to the seriousness of the violation , be expelled from the pool without reimbursement of the fee paid. Gross culpable violations of the house and bathing regulations and any attempt to obtain services by fraud (§ 265a of the Criminal Code), such as skipping the entrance turnstile, will immediately lead to a house ban and, if necessary, to the filing of a criminal complaint and the filing of a criminal complaint.

7. Liability
7.1 The bathers use the baths and their facilities at their own risk, notwithstanding the obligation of Tuscanyworld GmbH to keep the baths and their facilities in a safe condition for traffic.

7.2 Tuscanyworld GmbH and its vicarious agents are only liable – except for damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health – in the event of intent or gross negligence or in the event of a breach of an obligation, the fulfillment of which is essential for the proper execution of the contract and compliance with which the contractual partner may trust regularly (so-called cardinal obligation). Apart from that, liability for damages of any kind is excluded.

7.3 The above limitations of liability also apply to damage to vehicles parked in the pool’s parking areas. The provision of parking spaces does not entail any obligation on the part of Tuscanyworld GmbH to keep the vehicles parked there.

7.4 Bathers are advised not to take any valuables into the pool. The operating company assumes no duty of guarding or other due diligence for items brought along. The same applies to items left in vehicles parked in the pool’s parking areas. The provision of a cloakroom cupboard and/or safe deposit box does not result in the operating company being obliged to store items in it. It is the responsibility of the bather or – in the case of Section 2.3 of these house and bathing rules – his/her companion to lock lockers and safes properly when using them, to check that the respective device is securely locked, to store the keys/data carriers (coins) with particular care and not to make the latter and/or the number code selected for locking a safe accessible to unauthorized third parties. Malfunctions of the locking devices of the cloakroom cabinets and safe deposit boxes must be reported to the supervisory staff immediately.

7.5 Regarding the liability of the bather or – in the case of section 2.3 of these house and bathing rules – his accompanying person in the event of the loss of an object of Tuscany World GmbH given to the bather or his accompanying person for which the bather or his accompanying person is responsible, is also referred to in section 3.10 of these house and bathing regulations.

B. Sauna rules

1. General
1.1 The sauna regulations supplement the house and bathing regulations with regard to the use of the respective sauna and steam bath area. If the house and bathing regulations and the sauna regulations contain different regulations, the sauna regulations take precedence for the respective sauna and steam bath area.

1.2 For your own benefit, but also out of consideration for other sauna guests who are looking for relaxation, an adequate volume must be maintained in the entire sauna and steam bath area.

1.3 The sauna facility is a textile-free area.

1.4 Photography, filming and the use of mobile phones is not permitted in the entire sauna area.

1.5 It is recommended that children only visit the sauna from the age of 3 and only for short periods of time. Children up to the age of 14 are only allowed access when accompanied by an adult (see section 2.3 of the house and bathing regulations (A.)).

2. Pre-cleaning
2.1 Every sauna guest is obliged to clean themselves thoroughly in the area of the shower rooms provided for this purpose before taking a sauna bath.

2.2 Washing out textiles such as towels or underwear is not permitted.

3. Behavior in the sauna and steam cabins
3.1 The sauna cabins may only be entered without clothing and with a sufficiently large towel.

3.2 The sauna doors are only to be opened to enter the sauna for one’s own sauna use, but not in swimwear to simply inspect the interior of the sauna, as this would disturb the sauna guests.

3.3. Bathing shoes may not be taken into the sauna cabins. Seat pads made of foam rubber or plastic, as well as newspapers and pamphlets, may not be taken into the wet areas and sauna cabins (except for lectures).

3.4 Contamination of the benches with sweat is to be avoided as far as possible. Towels are to be taken back with you when you leave the sauna cabins. Do not dry towels or laundry in the sauna cabins or on radiators in other rooms.

3.5 Cosmetic treatments are not permitted in sauna cabins and steam baths. This also applies to the use of peelings or other cosmetics and liniments you have brought with you, such as honey, salt, oils or similar.

3.6 When using the sauna and steam cabins, it should be noted that the high temperatures, 40°C on the floor and up to 110°C on the ceiling, are characteristic of these rooms. Appropriate caution is required. If there are any doubts about the health effects of using the sauna and steam room, the user must seek medical advice in good time.

3.7 In particular, avoid touching the sauna heaters and steam outlet openings. The temperature control devices must not be covered or manipulated in any other way.

3.8 Infusions on the sauna heaters are carried out exclusively by the sauna staff, unless there are automatic devices.

4. Behavior in the cooling and resting room; Use of other facilities
4.1 Before using the plunge pool and the whirlpool, sweat must be removed from the body. Out of consideration for the other sauna guests and to avoid accidents, it is not allowed to jump into the pools.

4.2 Skin care products of any kind are not to be used before using the plunge pool or a relaxation lounger.

4.3 The use of the foot warming pool serves to warm the feet and stimulate the circulation, not to clean the feet.

4.4 A body-sized, dry pad is recommended for using the chairs and loungers.

4.5 Staying in the catering area is only permitted in appropriate textile clothing.

Company and registered office: Tuscany Therme Bad Sulza GmbH | Rudolf-Gröschner-Str. 11 | 99518 Bad Sulza district court Jena, HRB 106880 | VAT no. 162/125/04010 | VAT ID no. DE158265582
Managing Directors: Klaus Dieter Böhm-Schneider and Marion Schneider
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