Liquid Bodywork® | Aqua Wellness

„I am overwhelmed by what I experienced – it was indescribable – as soon as I have found the words, I will write them down!“ This is an example for feedback after a Liquid Bodywork® / Aqua Wellness Session, exclusively in the Liquid Sound Pool of Toskana Therme.

Carried and accompanied by our trained body workers, massage and meditation merge into a dance which can only take place in the water. The term “mobility” experiences a new, lighter definition. Each session is as unique as the person who receives it.

Individual session

Aqua Wellness – You are at the center of the Aqua Wellness body worker’s attention and will receive a skillful and sensitive treatment.

starting at 101 €

Session for two

Aqua Wellness – A bodyworker offers consecutive short sessions in the Liquid Sound Temple for two people booking together.

starting at 146 €

Simultaneous session for couples

Aqua Wellness – Two body workers lead this exclusive session outside official opening hours – simultaneously and harmoniously.

Sun - Fri 224 € | Sat 246 €


„Bathing is the new clubbing!“- according to fans and friends of the cultural program in our thermal bath. Unique, versatile and sophisticated. Interested in current examples?


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