Discover our beauty offers with high-quality natural cosmetics from Dr. Hauschka and Spa Find.

Dr. Hauschka’s certified organic and natural cosmetics are distinguished by selected medicinal plants and its unique treatment concept. The cosmetics strengthen the skin’s own processes, protect against external influences, and are awarded the BDIH label “certified natural cosmetics.”

The natural mineral skincare from Spa Find relies on unique products, treatments, and concepts based on mineral mud and salt from the Dead Sea. The products contain natural, regenerating, and skin-tightening ingredients. Experience instantly silky smooth skin through the power of minerals.

Paraffin bath

Lovely hands & feet – A nourishing poultice for hands and feet in a warm paraffin bath for a uniquely soft and smooth skin.

Sun - Fri 20 € | Sat 22 €

Splendid hands

Lovely hands & feet – Odorant hand bath for splendid hands with peeling, nail care, poultice and hand massage.

Sun - Fri 57 € | Sat 63 €

Blessed feet

Lovely hands & feet – Give your feet some time off. Carefree package for your feet with bath, peeling, poultice and massage.

Sun - Fri 57 € | Sat 63 €

Blessed feet - mini

Lovely hands & feet – Short time-out for stressed feet with foot bath and classic feet and nail care.

Sun - Fri 29 € | Sat 32 €

Well-aging facial

SPA FIND – Luxurious facial with welcoming massage and a peel-off mask with mud and sea weed from the Dead Sea.

Sun - Fri 85 € | Sat 94 €

Facial care

SPA FIND – A diagnosis of your skin at the beginning of the treatment defines which treatment serves you best. Including cleansing, peeling and Spa Find massage.

Sun - Fri 58 € | Sat 64 €

Small facial

SPA FIND – Serving your skin type. With cleaning, tonic, peeling, mud mask and small face massage.

Sun - Fri 35 € | Sat 39 €

Pure masculinity

SPA FIND – Facial for a fresh, resilient skin and an vital appearance.

starting at 35 €

Classic treatment

DR. HAUSCHKA – Integral treatment with Dr. Hauschka. Relaxing foot bath, soft stroking massage and odorant pads are the perfect preparation.

Sun - Fri 110 € | Sat 121 €

Revitalizing treatment

DR. HAUSCHKA – The perfect treatment for tired skin! Accompanied by a relaxing foot bath, lymph stimulation with brushes and odorant pads.

Sun - Fri 89 € | Sat 98 €

An hour of „me time“

DR. HAUSCHKA – Individual facial with Dr. Hauschka cosmetics – for best results and a tight schedule.

Sun - Fri 70 € | Sat 77 €

Cleansing treatment

DR. HAUSCHKA – An intense in-depth cleansing with Dr. Hauschka cosmetics. For a smooth skin and a radiant complexion.

Sun - Fri 58 € | Sat 64 €

Relaxation treatment

DR. HAUSCHKA – Pleasant facial with Dr. Hauschka cosmetics – relaxation from head to toe.

Sun - Fri 58 € | Sat 64 €


Wellness für Sie & Ihn – Das Powerprogramm für den Herren. Vitalisierendes Meersalzbad, lockernde Rückenmassage und kurze, pflegende Gesichtsbehandlung.

So - Fr 85 € | Sa 94 €


Zeremonien – Die Magie des energiespendenden, wärmenden Feuers ist in diesem jahrhundertealten indischen Ritual lebendig.

ab 40 €


“Bathing is the new going out!” say fans and friends of our cultural program at the thermal baths. Unique in terms of diversity and quality. Want some current examples?


From soothing massages to heavenly facial treatments, our wellness park offers a wide range of high-quality applications.


Gifts that touch and inspire. Dive into our online shop. Here you will find vouchers for magical moments at the Tuscan thermal baths in Bad Schandau.

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